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Brown CBC's Single-Cell Workshop Materials

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This workshop, '10X Chromium Single-Cell RNA-seq Workshop', is designed to introduce attendees to single-cell data analysis with the R programming language; it is an intermediate-level lecture that presupposes some knowledge of R like that found in our 'Fundamentals of R' workshop. It will introduce attendees to the tools associated with 10x-based single-cell analysis, including those provided by 10x Genomics and those implemented in R/Bioconductor. The general principles of single-cell RNA-seq will also be covered.

Workshop Topic Overview

  • Introduction to 10x Genomics Single-Cell Tools

  • Applications Utilizing Single-Cell Technology from 10x Genomics

  • 10x Genomics Data Analysis Software Suite Review

  • Overview of Data Analysis for Single-Cell RNA-seq

  • A Generic Introduction to Single-Cell RNA-seq Analyses and Interpretations


To access a read-only version of the workshop notebooks (complete with full output), please click the above link; you will be redirected to Jupyter's NBViewer utility. Simply click the name of the notebook and it will be rendered as HTML.


Ashok Ragavendran (Workshop, Presentation 1), Jean Wu (Presentation 2)


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Original Time and Location

Date: 4/27/2018

Location: Campus Center