RefChef comes with two commands:

Will read recipes and execute the commands that will retrieve the references, indices, or annotations based on the contents of master.yaml.

Provides a way for the user to list all references present in the system, based on master.yaml, as well as filter the list of references based on metadata options.


RefChef requires a master.yaml file:

In addition to the refchef-cook and refchef-menu commands, RefChef requires a master.yaml containing a list of references, indices, annotations, and metadata, as well as the commands necessary to download and process the files.
When refchef-cook is executed, RefChef will append the master.yaml to change the complete option from false to trueand will also add a uuid for each reference, the date the files were downloaded and their location, as well as a complete list of files downloaded.
Based on the arguments you pass to refchef-cook, it will either commit those changes to master.yaml to a local repository or commit and push the changes to a remote repository.

RefChef requires configuration information:

refchef-cook and refchef-menu both require some configuration information, including:

  1. Where you'd like the references to be saved
  2. The local git repository for version control of references
  3. The remote github repository for version control of reference sequences (optional).

This information can be specified in a cfg.yaml file, a cfg.ini file, or it can be passed as arguments to refchef-cook.