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Brown CBC's Bioconductor Workshop Directory

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This site hosts the user directory for the current CBC workshop. Below, you will find an HTML element containing a list of IPs, each paired with a person's name. Each of these IPs is a URL corresponding to an Amazon instance (temporary remote server) running the Jupyter software. Each attendee has been assigned their own instance, and all you must do to access yours is to find your name and click the link. Upon doing so, you will be presented with a login prompt that requests a password - the password is 'cobre'.

Please be sure to exclusively use your own instance. These instances only have capacity for a single user, and multiple people sharing one can cause memory issues that will compromise your ability to follow along with the lecturer.

If the HTML element below shows a 404 error, it means that there is no workshop being held at this time. The directory will be purged upon the deactivation of the Amazon instances a few hours after any given workshop, and while no directory exists, a 404 error will be visible where the directory otherwise would appear. Whenever IPs are visible, you can assume that the corresponding instances are active.


Jupyter Instance Directory

If you do not see your name in the above list, please log in through one of the instances tagged as 'Unassigned'. If doing so without the in-person instruction of one of our staff, please email and inform us that you've done so (along with the IP you used and your name) so we'll be able to best ensure nobody else tries to use that same instance.


For assistance, contact - this is our general help line, so please specify that your issue is with this site's contents